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As seen on the TV Show "THE DOCTORS"

Oral Cancer Facts

The VELscope system was demonstrated on the TV show "The Doctors" by Dr. Bill Dorfman, a frequent guest on the show and the featured dentist on "Extreme Makeover", reality TV series. We now understand that oral cancer can be caused not just by tobacco and heavy drinking, but also by exposure to the human papilloma virus. Dental practices need to take the lead in giving thorough oral cancer exams to all of their adult patients at least once a year. VELscope (Visually Enhanced Lesion Scope) is able to help detect precancerous and early-stage cancerous tissue. This is a •owerful tool for providing the best oral health care possible. This simple, hand-held device shines a cone of blue light into the mouth that excites various molecules within our cells, causing them to absorb the light energy and re-emit it as visible fluorescence. This allows dentists to shine the light onto a suspicious sore in the mouth and distinguish normal and abnormal tissue. If needed, the findings will then be confirmed by biopsy and standard pathology. A Velscope exam is painless noninvasive and now available at our office.

The Diagnodent Laser Decay Detector
DiagnodentOur goal is to provide our patients with a comfortable relaxed experience. DiagnodentWe also strive to provide the most current techniques in dental health care. In addition to the Velscope described above, we also have a new laser decay detector; The Diagnodent. This helps us discover decay in a tooth that may be hidden. This allows for early detection and treatment of cavities. The Diagnodent will not be used on every patient exam appointment, but when your condition requires this valuable tool is available. Both the Velscope and Diagnodent have been demonstrated on TV and dental lectures and should be part of a practice that is technically up to date. This new equipment provides you with the most current diagnostics and thorough examinations available.