Our practice provides a friendly, personal atmosphere. We believe in treating patients with individual attention. We are a private practice, not a fast paced clinic. During business hours when you call our office, you will talk to a person; not computerized prompts. Establishing a comfortable relationship with our patients is very important to us. We are a family practice and, we also welcome children. We provide quality dentistry with optimal patient care and comfort.

We're Are Now High Tech! We use Digital x-rays. This decreases the amount of radiation exposure by up to 85%. The image pops up on the computer monitor instantly. It's faster and safer than film. There is nothing to develop; so there are no chemical needed. It is safer for you and the environment.

We also use an intraoral camera. This allows you to actually see live images of your teeth and mouth on the computer monitor. It's a great device to help you visualize and understand treatment recommendations.

The StaffOur office maintains proper sterilization techniques and, we have an osopure water purification system that sanitized the incoming city water before it goes through each of our dental units.

Most of the staff has been with the practice for 5-10 years. Dr. Haskins has been practicing for over 20 years. We believe in continuing education and stay current with new dental techniques. Dr. Haskins is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry. This is an organization that requires continuing education credits above the requirement standards set by the State of Michigan. We accept new patients and look forward to meeting you and your family as new patients.