BondingBonding: This procedure restores chipped, fractured, discolored or misaligned teeth by rebuilding the surface with acrylic. The results of this procedure are immediate - you can create a new smile in just one visit.


Porcelain Laminate Veneers: This procedure bonds custom made tooth shaped shells to correct or camouflage discoloration, damaged, or misaligned teeth. This veneer procedure does require tooth reduction.

Lumineers by Cerinate: This is a porcelain veneer that is extremely thin. This allows for minimal or no tooth reduction at all. It is a more conservative veneer procedure, for the correction of discoloration, damaged or misaligned teeth. This treatment provides excellent results.

Bleaching: This treatment lightens stained or discolored teeth. There are several different bleaching systems offered in our office:

Crown and Bridge Techniques: These are also used for cosmetic treatments. A crown, an artificial replacement of the upper part of the tooth can restore the function and look of the damaged one.

We utilize many new laboratory products to achieve optimal results.